The Rationale of Motherhood Choices : Influence of employment and public policies
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1 janvier 2005

The Rationale of Motherhood Choices : Influence of employment and public policies, 5e PCRD, CE, 2001-2004, coordonné par Danièle Meulders, ULB, Brussels.

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Women’s attitudes towards motherhood are in the core of all economic and social problems raised by the decline in fertility rates and ageing of European population. The future of the welfare states depends on women’s willingness to insure a reproduction function, as far as their choice is to take part in paid employment, are public policies adapted in order to facilitate the combination between employment and motherhood? This project aim to study how the motherhood decision is affected by labour market conditions and how public policies can be designed in order to promote parenthood by dual career couples, which is becoming the normal way of life in European Union member states. The interdisciplinary and international character of the research team including policy analysts, economists and sociologists will allow both furthering the research front and allow for a broad discussion and dissemination of the results.


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